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On a Rainy Day

Last night the soft thunder and heavy rains felt like the earth was weeping with me. I felt the rain wash over and purify me. It was a beautiful friend through a night of saudade. When I arrived at the gym this morning and greeted the attendant, he responded that it was a nice day despite the rain. My heart dropped and I felt suddenly like I was viewing the rain from the wrong perspective. Rain is inconvenient. Rain is dangerous. Dark clouds block out the sun. And then I thought about it. Being in love is beautiful because my heart knows what not being in love is. Sunny springtimes are truly appreciated because my heart knows long winters. The sun still rises behind those clouds. And one day a new dawn will break and sunshine will fill my life once again. I think holding that light in your heart until that dawn breaks is the true challenge. Meanwhile, I choose to accept the gifts of the rain, because through it I can accept the gifts of the sun.

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