Last Day of Body Cleanse

It has been a very interesting journey. I am in my final day of the cleanse, and it has been really eye-opening.

I played games at a friends home here in Texas where they have cats... no allergies at all. From what I can tell, all of my allergies are gone and have been absent for the past two weeks. I am very happy about this.

I am feeling a lot better. My joints and muscles feel better, my appetite and hunger are much more regular, I am becoming more toned... all in all, an amazing change. I wonder what another month or so would do. I think I will take part of this dietary change with me after tomorrow.

I hate to say it, but this actually works!

What was the hardest part. Eating out... anywhere. Even a vegan cafe leaves little to eat. A place like Chili's or Mexican... no options at all. Anything (if possible) that you would eat must be a special order. Also, it is right in the middle of party season, and the potluck spreads from my friends would break your heart.

Was/is it worth it? I would say yes. Our nation tends to eat lots and lots of crap. If anything, this diet will make really clear just how terrible (or good) your eating habits are. There was a time when the food pyramid included at most 3 meals a week containing meat (not fish). Most people eat meat at every meal now (or close to it). How many salads are in your diet? Salads and such should comprise the majority of your meals. I think you get the picture... the awareness alone of your regular diet is worth this cleanse. You will become so much smarter about food! The funny thing is that you will be compelled to. I constantly check websites to confirm that something was bad for me. Corn bad? Yep! But corn is a vegetable... and baked corn chips must be good... nope! You get the picture.

On another and more personal note, this dietary cleanse has led me to make some choices that really have changed my life. While it wasn't easy, it was a very worthwhile pursuit!


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